Tuesday, January 27, 2009

mr. chi-city &... the Blog O' The Day (edited)

i found that video over at the 122 blog. stop by and have a look. (it's not all mr. chi-city)

[EDIT: i changed the above link to 122 to a specific post because aaron keeps posting chi-city stuff and the last one was lame. the 122 blog is a group of 16 or so, 20-something year old college buddies, some of whom have now graduated/are in grad school elsewhere. they started the blog after experiencing a very serious personal and communal tragedy. one we all should hope never to experience ourselves. 
as a consequence of their loss, this group of hyper-intelligent, caring, crazy mofos has an even stronger bond than before. 
because of their love for each other and their hilarious fucking senses of humor...may 122 live forever. amen.]

while i'm at it, check out this cool adventure...random news story otd.


rilera said...

It's the gherkin building in London!

cornbread hell said...

you mean that pointy-nosed building in the flying car picture?

i did not know that.

Annie said...

I like Mr Chi-City's visual aids and sense of moral outrage.

cornbread hell said...

yeah. i wish he lived downstairs.