Thursday, January 22, 2009


Metaphor Of The Day: 

[edit - see picture above and link below for a metaphor (this post), via the following Brilliant simile.]

"Building a fire is like playing jenga backwards." (jtb)

ok, so i haven't felt like posting much lately. 
i have a feeling that may change in the near future. i may even post pictures of my new dog. he's a pretty cool kinda likes him.

she's always been a pretty hard sell for change. of any kind. 

(puns intended. and she's never been too fond of pets before now.)


josephine terese said...

it's a similie!

cornbread hell said...

true dat. it did make me similie.

cornbread hell said...

and it made me metaphor all over your awesome simile.


Annie said...

I've said it before. You, sir, are a tease. So to be preposterously predictable, puppy pictures please! Oooh, alliteration.

cornbread hell said...

annie - are you happy now?