Monday, January 26, 2009

found & find

what is it?

give up, yet?

well, actually, it's just a couple of random plastic objects found on my walk and placed on the stove. the green thing is a felt-tip marker cap. the orange thing orange thing.

on the stove top they look like an irish flag to me.

and i like it.

so that's the found.

and the find?

i-must-find-new-digs within walking distance of mom's.


i'm not bluffing this time. for the first time in years i find myself surrounded by people more fucked up than i am. (this can't be a good thing.) i'm so sick and tired of these crazy landlord people. (if that sounds like whining to you, think again. because that's another thing i'm sick to death of. whiners.)

gratuitous picture of "the dog with 1/2 white nails and 1/2 black nails" in a rare restful moment....

a *random* news story.


Lily said...

Great inventions of the age #5,384 - the lightbulb. Should I send you one? Lol, loved the news clip and I'm glad Awol hasn't. Good luck with the house hunting x

cornbread hell said...

i know i'm s'posed to get the light bulb thing, but.........huh?

Lily said...

Ah. Well on my computer the photos are rather dark. British humour. I can only apologise :-(