Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i just learned that a blogger friend's mother died last night. i didn't know either one of them other than through this internet thing. but i can't stop crying.

the daughter is a true caregiver. she kept her mom in her home and cared for her until almost the very end; she washed her, fed her, was her companion and loving support.

the mom had alzheimer's.
i have mixed emotions. i feel for the daughter's indescribable loss and pain...i'm glad the mom is rid of hers.

when we 1st "met" i thought our moms sounded to be at pretty much the same stage of progression, but that wasn't so. my mom is still healthy - unbelievably so. she has lost more cognitive ability in the past month than in the past year, but she's still hanging in there and tries hard to catch a glimpse...she sleeps a whole lot more recently. i can see that weekly.

but she's still here. and for that i am grateful. i'm not ready for that. i guess i never will be?

peace to you and yours, Robyn.

my sister took us to walmart a few weeks ago and mom drove a go-cart for the first time ever. damn! she did good job maneuvering through the herds and strays of christmas shoppers.
and she didn't hit a single one. 

...or remember that she'd had such fun the next day. but she still likes hearing about it later.


josephine terese said...

sorry, robyn, if you're reading this.

the thanksgiving before grandmommy fell at luke's (i think) we were in stephenville and went to wal-mart. luke tricked her into riding one of those things. so, 2nd time ever.

cornbread hell said...

i did not know that.

she still had her car back then. she actually drove 200 miles to luke's! (i think... or maybe she went with john and sandy?)

rilera said...

Thank you Rick. Peace

cornbread hell said...

thank you, robyn. for being such a good example. i really mean that.

with love,

josephine terese said...

oh. then, no, it was after her car was STOLEN from her by her kids. it was some thanksgiving because we went around and she had us pick out some stocking stuff for ourselves. post-ravensway, post-car.

Lily said...

I think you're crying for more than one mum and her child, cornbread. These are sad times indeed. Words seem so inadequate when not accompanied by a hug.

Stitchwhiz said...

Rick and everybody, I wish I could alleviate some of what you all endure each day. I've learned all about Alzheimer's from Ami Simms, a talented quilter whose mom Beebe was stricken and sadly died recently. Ami started a non-profit org to raise dollars to find a cure. She gets quilters to donate small art quilts and then sells or auctions these little nuggats of arty wonder. Check out http://www.alzquilts.org/

cornbread hell said...

thanks for the link, stitch. that is really, really cool. i will pass it on.

lily - maybe so. but i have thought about what you said and i don't believe i will cry when my mom dies. yes, i am saddened seeing her deterioration and it makes me cry to hear of other children's losses, but i have made peace with mary anne's eventual demise.

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

(((hugs Rick)))

I think every time I hear of someone losing an LO to this damned disease, my heart just breaks all over again. I know what is in store for them and the tears they will shed over the loss. Losing anyone is devastating but losing a parent just plain sucks on so many levels.