Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"where the hell are you?" (chris)*

the short version:

-what happened when? ...well, i had a little car wreck a couple weeks ago.
-where are you? stephenville, texas at my sister's house.
-who's house? sister's. she's my *caretaker* for now.
-how are you? ...i'm healing. i'm fine. a-ok.
-why didn't you let us know? ...oh, i dunno. just kinda "private, secretive, untruthful," i suppose.**

and please, no sympathy comments. ok?

a few pics after the cut...

-the car.
they cut the top off to get me out. and then i got a hellicopter ride!

when my 5 year old nephew 1st saw me after the fact, he said, "Wick, i'm sorwy about youwuh chin." so sweet.


-a view from the porch in stephenville.

-and a view of the porch.
the nights are so so star-filled it's breath taking. i like it here.

-me and my awesome sister. (photo taken about 6 years younger. how come she doesn't look any older and i do?)

-a therapist came in to the hospital room and asked the guy in the next bed did he know he was gonna be operated on the following day? no.
his legs were broken and he had lots of steel pins sticking out of them. he was being discharged a few days later. she told him she was gonna teach him how to get out of bed without any help so he'd be able to do so when he got home.
he said, "i don't have a home."

not my leg. my legs are fine. not his either. his looked much worse.

me? i may not like it, but i sure am lucky. (anyone up for a game of twister?)

**an idictment of me made by an ex several years ago. i'm just beginning to come to terms with the truth of it.


Annie said...

About damn time you posted something. (How's that for the opposite of a sympathy comment?) I have roof envy. Not the roof of your car, your sister's house. Does she like it? Any problems with hail?

Peggy said...

I was beginning to worry, Denise said something happened but didnt know the details..
Rest and Heal, Enjoy the Starry nights while you can..Hopefully you feel goood enough to enjoy , maybe even write with this healing time..
Hugs to You and your Sis.

Enigma said...

I'm glad to see that they gave you a collar that goes good with black for those formal affairs. And to think, I was under the impression that you were out honky-tonking and too busy to write anything. Now I know you have been just flying around sight-seeing and aggrevating the cattle. Tsk Tsk. Do I have to come over there and give you a sponge bath to get you to behave?

cornbread hell said...

annie- perfect. and the roof is, too.
peggy- thanks.
enigma- yes, please...

rilera said...

WTH? How'd that happen? I'm glad to hear that you are OK and being well taken care of. What a scary thing.

Cinnamin said...

Rick! I'm glad to hear that you are okay and glad (der??) to see a new post from you! Missed you!!

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

OMG, no sympathy! What the heck were you looking at instead of paying attention to the road. Seriously, Rick, that looks awful. I'm really glad you're still with us. ((HUGS)) whether you like them or not. :D

rainbowheart said...

Glad to see that you are okay. The roof of the car is not so good but the car replacable...enjoy your time with your sister. Take care and keep in touch.
P.S. I'm glad to know that was not your leg in the picture..That just looks painful...OUCH!!!Take care!!!

*(·¸*Chris*¸·)* said...


hope you are feeling better. How the heck did you manage that one? We want details, pwease?

Hugs look like hell but we still love ya.

~Betsy said...

Good grief, Rick! I was beginning to think you didn't like us anymore! So glad you are OK and hope you are back to blogging soon. I've missed ya'! Hang in there.

wendy said...

The things you'll do to add some excitement to your life ...

I guess it's true what they say, there's a silver lining in every cloud.

Thinking of you!

cornbread hell said...

rilera, cinnamin, rainbowheart- thanks.

joanne- and she wasn't even that good-lookin'...but i sure got her attention.

chris- details. always wi6th the freakin' details...

betsy- one of the most difficult things about all this is trying to catch up on everyones' blogs. pass the word - i want a synopsis of y'alls' last few weeks.

wendy- as i sat here thinking of how to respond to your silver lining comment i found myself drifting in a reverie of pleasant thoughts. so...thank you for that.

Mary said...

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Annie of MapleCorners. WOW!

Athena said...

Glad you're ok *smile*


Joanne D. Kiggins said...

"joanne- and she wasn't even that good-lookin'...but i sure got her attention."

ROFL That'll teach you to look only at the good-lookin' ones! That stretch-of-the-neck was a painful one. ;)

*(·¸*Chris*¸·)* said...

Mmmmm....I have never been "quoted in someones blog before. I'm honored;)

Hope you are feeling better. (((Hugs))) Rick!

josephine terese said...

enough of this sympathy crap, i want some damn blogging!
i mean, whenever you feel up to it, daddy...

cornbread hell said...

oh josephine.
were you raised in a barn? is that any way to talk to your elders?

(your comment not only belongs in the comment hall of fame, but i promise to get to bloggin' right this minute.)

cornbread hell said...

i really meant to, but it turns out i have nothin' to say.

Linda G said...

I haven't stopped by here in more than a week. I'd about given up on seeing something. But it never occurred to me that something might have happened to my cyberbud.

I'm glad you're okay...but you're not gettin' any f#@&ing sympathy from me.

Barby said...

been dealing vith some issues here sorry i havent dropped in.... i hop eur on the mend kiddo

Annie said...

How about you finish the pants story you started before life so rudely interrupted?