Wednesday, April 29, 2009

yeah, yeah. i know. i said, "cornbread out."

and i meant it, but this is just too fucking stupid not to comment on.

ft. worth, texas.
nickname = cowtown.

any honest dallasite recognizes cowtown's superior cultural presence. from the world class museums, concert halls* and saloons to their (soon sadly to be defunct) newspaper, ft. worth seriously & easily out classes dallas.

so what's up with the ft worth independent school district closing down all 147 schools for a week?

oh, that's right. the swiiiine fluuuuuuuuu.
so...what's a fella to do??? 

hey, i know. let's send 80,000 kids home. home to single parent families and 2 parent working households. 3.18 children per family are suddenly WHERE? doing WHAT? for a WEEK?!! brilliant.

while you're at it, why not suggest they not be sent to day care. (parents, please try to forget you have a job. and NO SLEEPOVERS while the kiddos are on vacation!!)

while you, fwisd, do WHAT? sterilize the schools????? did you suddenly go fucking braindead? did a bit of kryptonite get stuck in your panties? did someone sneeze on you? did you forget to wash your grubby hands? sheesh. it's the freaking flu, dude! do the math. (it's not the plague.)

Kingsford goes to the beach - Watch more Funny Videos

can you believe the cat didn't slap the shit out of that pig?

while you're at it, please advise those 10s of 1,000s of families not to eat pork. give them all kfc coupons so they can contract their salmonella honestly.

and in the meantime, i'll be enjoying the ridiculously cheap pork chops and pork ribs from my grocer.

*[click on one of the pics in that link to see a monumentual stone carving. it's awesome. it's angelic. it's ft. worth at her best.]


Lily said...

Really cornbread, I'm surprised at you - all that just to see a skinny woman with fake boobs running on a beach. Cute pig though. Are piglets the new chihuahas?

cornbread hell said...

and when you grow up you may even learn to read the words in your picture books, ms lily.

Cinnamin said...

Over here, laughing at the adorable little piggy, he sure gets under foot! I have a siamese cat just like this one and I'm with you, I can't believe the restraint shown!

I agree on the pork prices; we had a kick a** BBQ last weekend, staring some yummy pork ribs in sweet sauce! Delish!

bulletholes said...

Aw, man, I can't play the pigs!
I don't know how much of this is tongue in cheek, but i consider the angels at Bass Hall to be a little "gauche", gawdy and tasteless. Seems like a facade should be more understated than overblown. Those trumpets stick out about 10 feet.
But I guess it is impresssive to most of us Cowpokers. Its really nice inside.
There is some nice Archetecture in the city though, tasteful too, and Sundance Square has done a great job of making downtown a place to go instead opf a place to get away from.

And the swine flu?(cough)

cornbread hell said...

no, bullet. i was being dead serious.

and i like everything about bass hall. i think the exterior is beautiful architecture. *gauche* angels included.

of course i respect your misguided, faulty opinion, but why the "unnecessary" quotation marks, cowpoker, you?

cornbread hell said...

oh. & hi cinnamin.

bulletholes said...

Ahhh....its just the misanthrope in me coming out.
Makes the AAmerican Airlines Center look like a...Warehouse!
Have you ever seen the Water Fountain in fW with the Panther sleeping on it?

cornbread hell said...

i've only seen the panther in your blog. you make my point about ft worth's excellence so well.

oh, & i just thought of another reason (maybe the best reason) to be proud of fw...state rep lon burnam!

Lily said...

Grow up? Moi?

wendy said...

As pissed off as I am about this now-constant fixation with all things pig, this video made me laugh - which is a good thing these days. Thanks.

Check out this enlightening quiz for some further fun.

Annie said...

I love it when you get all ranty.

rilera said...

sorry about your mom rick. I loved the chicken fried steak comment on Annie's blog. Those comments remind you they are still in there.

Cinnamin said...

Okay - What is going on? I see new posts in my list on my page but when I come to your page I end up back on this post. :(

Any ideas? I wanna see your new posts!

bulletholes said...

Yeah, i'm with Cinnamon...feel like I've been ostracised from cornbread hell!
What'd i do? Hmm? What'd I do?

cornbread hell said...

cinn & bullet -
ok. i s'pose i owe you an explanation. but only because you asked so nicely...

i still write occasional entries, but end up leaving them in the edit box. i did actually post a couple in the past week or so, only to take them down almost immediately.

why? same reason i haven't posted the others or even written some: this blogging thing just seems so narcissistic / i don't want to / none o' your beeswax / i'm estivating / just because...

call it an attitude thang.

but i still like reading other people's blogs.

so there.

Annie said...

Nah, it's just because you're a big tease! :)

Cinnamin said...

So there - Did you just stick your tongue out at me Rick?!?

Narcissistic or no, I miss reading your thoughts and happenings. You always make me feel; a smile, a tear, a sarcastic remark, a smirk, yes I can see that all in your writing and I miss it, I miss you.

Basically, I just wanted you to know that even though you are going through what you are going through...I care. So there! ;p

bulletholes said...

OK, you have inspired a post...
we'll call it
"The First day of Summer"
The first day of summer in 1970, I got on my bicycle and started riding. I was 13 years old and I rode and rode and rode.
When I finally stopped riding, I found myself 11 miles away from home at a place called Richland Plaza where they had a miniature Golf Course.
I played 12 games of miniature golf, and was about to start the 13th when I noticed the clock behind the cashier.
It was 6:00 PM and I had been gone from home since 9:00 that morning, having left without a word to anyone, and if I pedaled like a madman I might make it home by dark.
I pedaled like a madman and as I rolled into the driveway the street lights flicked on, and there was my mother, wringing her hands and mad as hell.
I was grounded for a week.
I like to think of this as the first day of my summer of Narcissism which lasted until...

Lily said...

what cinnamin said, miss you x

Lily said...

....and blogging is only narcissistic if you're the only one who reads your blog which clearly is not the case! Come on, even if its drivel we'll love it!