Wednesday, April 8, 2009

family is a strange beast, indeed

it's 6:59 a.m. tomorrow kiwi time.
do you know where your children are?
do you cherish them?

...the mom move went well yesterday.

well, except for the mom being such a bitch towards my sister. i don't know why she does that. and it disgusts me. the sister i'm referring to is the backbone of our family. the one who deserves the best, deserves and does the most.

don't get me wrong...the mad as a hornet thing i understand. i think it's a normal reaction to a change like this. especially for someone in her mental state.
but to take it out on that one person is bewildering to me. and it pisses me off.

anyway...we moved mom to a different room on a different floor in the same building. several of the aides went with her for the transition period. we did it for financial reasons. the new room is in a suite. (there are 3 rooms and a common sitting room in one apartment. omg! SUCH DEPRIVATION...)

- "why the hell did i have to move here?!"

- "because the pavement outside is kinda hard, mom. and there's no artificial air conditioning or heat other than whatever the weather man doles out. besides, they don't cook for you out there or bathe you. or treat you like the pampered queen you've become used to."

- "harrumph!" ((i can take care of myself!))

- "yes, ma'am." ((riiiight...))

too many funny/snarky stories to tell for now, but soon as i get the blogness back more fully into my system, i may relate a few in later posts.

bottom line:
mom is happy as a lark today.
ok...maybe not quite a lark, but she's at least as happy as a grackle can be.
and tomorrow will be even better.

mockingbird happy would be good.


rilera said...

It's tough for them to deal with change. I can't imagine what she must have been feeling. I'm glad she is happy today though. This too shall pass.

Welcome back, you've been missed.

Anonymous said...

you know what has been said, "we tend to take 'it' out on the one closest to us." i've never heard of anyone on the receiving end feeling complimented. you, as the son that is there almost daily, could wonder, "the closest? then why didn't she take it out on me?" maybe it is a mother/daughter thing, dunno. the move had to be a very difficult thing for you, your sis, and your mom. hope mom adjusts quickly, leaving "the move" behind, and can soon be her sweet self again. love and respect to all of you. cheers to you and sis for a family job well done. big hug

Annie said...

Your sister is the oldest, right? Maybe your Mom then decided that she(as the oldest child) must be making the decisions, thus blaming and taking it out on her? So hard to deal with in any case. Hugs all around.

That is the scariest llama I've ever seen. (But I bet her fiber would spin up beautifully!)

cornbread hell said...

rilera - i think she was feeling frustration at not being in control of own life mostly. totally understandable. ((thanks. it's good to be back.))

terri - true.
and she's already back to being "her sweet self."
but here's the rub: i just wish she would show that side to the best of her offspring. just once...
((thank you.))

annie - true.
eldest, yes. and her frustration does find it convenient to blame her...but i think it's also a bit pragmatic, in not biting at the one she sees every day, therefore biting the one who, unbeknown to her, actually feeds her. thus keeping the daughter away... a cruel and vicious circle it is.
((thanks. and i'll email you the cyber t-shirt i made of that angry llama. it was a prize for you long ago that i never sent, back when your chickens ate *something*... feel free to post it on your blog.))

bulletholes said...

A Grackle! Thats funny...
My Grandmother used to shake her cane at everybody as she walked down the hall of the nursing home. She was crotchety.

cornbread hell said...

don't you just love to watch the grackles?

i have a cane i sometimes use. i put a strap on (get your mind of the gutter, bulletholes) rear view mirror on it from my old bicycle.

hahahahaha. it's the coolest cane in town.

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

I'm off to Google what a Grackle is. I'm intrigued.

Mom will be okay. I'm sorry you and sis were her targets. That hurts. I'm glad she is getting accustomed to her new surroundings.

Welcome back to the blogs, Rick. I missed you and that keen sense of humor you have.

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

Okay, I just looked at Grackles, and lots of them.

They are very smart, resourceful birds, I must say.

J said...

Mom freaks out at the least bit of change. She becomes very crouchy or slips into reacting like a shy child. I think maybe it comes from their being afraid of how they are going to be able to handle the unknown.
When mom was more herself and was using the cane instead of a walker she could be lethal :) but not on purpose. One of her favorite uses for her cane was to get someone's attention. Such as a doctor or nurse going around us in the aisle. If she knew them and they passed her without speaking... she'd poke 'em in the butt with her cane. And man! was! she! fast! Sometimes I could catch her before she actually made contact... Soon they learned to watch out for that cane :giggle snort:
Glad your mom is settling in and sending big(((hug))) to your sis.
I'm sure she appreciates your concern for her.

cornbread hell said...

hey there, chris and j.
i'll be catchin' up with your blogs in the near future. it's taking a while to get back into all of this...

chris, grackles are kinda like a combination of don rickles and jerry lewis. most people either hate them or love them. (most other birds just hate them.) they're rude, annoying and LOUD as all get-out. (i still mostly like 'em)

j, i love watching old people with their canes. the canes so quickly become extensions (bad pun) of their personalities. i've seen sweet oldsters use them affectionately to touch loved ones and crotchety old geezers use them to vent and express frustrations.
your mom sounds like a funny old broad...