Saturday, October 25, 2008

me and my dad?

my dad and i... my dad and me... 

"my dad and me" *feels* better.
would you say, "this is me," or "this is i?" and which side of the quotation mark does the puncuation go in that sentence? 

come on grammar police. hep me out.

i bet he didn't know i was hiding a stick behind my back...hahahahaha
[that reminds me...hey, chris of  "inside my heart" blog - for at least a month now i've been unable to view your blog for more than a few seconds before that tab of my browser crashes.  this is admittedly a pretty crappy computer, but it doesn't seem to happen with other blogs, web pages, etc. what's up with that?]

last week sometime, mom and i were looking at a picture of my daughter and her 2 grand dads taken at her 3rd or 4th birthday party on velasco street. i left it out on mom's chairside table because we both enjoyed looking at and talking about it. 

today she said she couldn't remember why it was there. i reminded her. and i told her again the next 4 or 5 times when she asked why "she" had put it there. i decided to change the subject slightly.

i asked her if she remembered the first time josephine's "other" granndpa in the picture had come to her house. (suffice to say, she couldn't even remember his name without prompting, but when told, she even said the late grandma's name!)
anyway...the story goes that The Colonel and Mrs. Musgrave, my new parents-in-law, were coming to mom and dad's house for the 1st time. the colonel is a rather distinguished fellow. everyone was anxious to pretend to be equally distinguished and respectable, of course.

the musgraves were invited in and after the proper howdy-dos had been exchanged, they were offerred seats for what was, up to that point, a little bit of a nervous occasion... oh, no worries... my brother, who was about 8 years old at the time, had put a whoopie cushion in the colonel's seat. 
it was awesome. (the colonel is now 96 years old and still sharp as a tack. i wonder if he remembers that story and how how hard he laughed at the situation and at himself?)

mom heard this story today as if for the first time and i swear she laughed so hard i thought she was going to choke. at the time, as i remember it, she was freaking mortified. 
a little later this morning i made the whoopie cushion sound again and she cracked up again.

here's mom in her "new" favorite outfit. yes, lynn anne, she wears it several times a week. she'll even tell you it's her favorite if you comment on it.

p.s. i give up trying to hide most of this beyond the read more text. arghhh


rilera said...

The correct usage I believe is 'Dad and me' because you would say this is a 'picture of me', not I. Your mom looks wonderful and I like her new favorite outfit.

cornbread hell said...

you know, i looked it up on the interwebz before i wrote that and it seemed to say a compound subject required the use of *i* which just didn't feel right. so i opted for the obviously wrong title with the pronoun referring to myself first. i even tried using *myself* in the phrase, but it seemed like a cop out.

i'll tell mom you like her outfit.

"who? do i know her? i've probably met her, but my brain doesn't work so is my favorite outfit," she'll say.

2 months ago she wouldn't have worn it for all the tea in china.

Lily said...

How the hell have I not found you until now?! Obviously separated at birth. I shall be doing some serious lurking myself, in future!

cornbread hell said...

welcome lily.

you've some catching up to do. i've been spying on you and yours for a while. :-)

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

That is really weird about the browser thing. I swear I don't have it rigged!

I think the correct grammar is "my dad and me". I could be wrong but I like that sound of it myself.

Where did you find that pic of me with the cat in my sweater? I didn't think that had made it onto the www. HA!

Mom looks beautiful in her outfit! I do love her smile:)

Annie said...

I vote for putting the punctuation on the outside of the quote in that situation, but I have no idea if that is correct.

I love that your Mom's shoes match the beautiful blue plaid shirt. She looks spiffy and dang happy.

cornbread hell said...

chris - that's YOUR sweater?!!!!


J said...

That kind of stuff is hy I'm illeterate. ; )
Your mom looks great!

josephine terese said...

wow i wonder if grampa remembers that! next time i see him i'll ask.
did sean tell you he had surgery this morning? he is fine. that man is awesome.
grandmommy is such a sweetheart..

i wonder if she likes blue at all.. probably not. she never wears blue shirts

cornbread hell said...

i read it on his twitter this morning, i think. great news!

rainbowheart said...

What a wonderful mother you have. She looks so pretty in her blue outfit. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with us..Have a great weekend!!Peace, love and happiness!