Thursday, October 30, 2008

more NaBloPoMo teasers...

see? i haven't always had gray hair.

this is a picture of me with the Beemans, descendants of the first anglo family to settle in what is now dallas. they still lived on their ancestral land at the time this photo was taken in 1990.

we are standing on the mosaic-in-progress in my studio. the oxen you saw in yesterday's post are part of a tile picture representing the arrival of those early settlers in 1841. the white object at the beemans' feet is my original pencil drawing of that mosaic with a team of mules rather than oxen.

this is the finished product. this slide shows approximately 8 square feet of the entire 300 sq. ft. project. check out the groovy shadows.

here is the wagon in progress and the tools used to make it: pencil, tweezers, carbide hammer and carbide knippers. the caption on the polaroid means it was the 3rd (and final) attempt to render the canvas in tile.

this is sam houston. you saw his eyes yesterday... the 1st mosaic i ever attempted. so gimme a break, already.

and this is the xerox of a 19th century oil painting of sam which i used as the model.edit:
actually, my very 1st mosaic was this attempt at doing sam's portrait. purty ugly, huh?and the 2nd was this experiment at making his is the final product in process. (polaroid, with minimal fire damage.)

i'll leave you with this detail of another of the mosaics within the larger mosaic while i try to figure out how in the cornbreadhell to tell the rest of the story. hey, i've got a whole month, no?


Annie said...

Tell me, Rick, how big is that highlight in Sam Houston's eye? Why did you nix the mules and substitute oxen? Was it more historically accurate, or did you just feel like doing oxen instead?

I like how Sam's beard looks wavy in the final version, and pointy in the experiment.

I love that you have photos of the descendants of the original settlers.

How did you decide on what mosaic's to feature? Did you come up with the whole concept, or did DART have that part already planned? That is, did DART just want a public art piece, and you suggested the historical mosaic, or did they already know they wanted a historical mosaic, and you implemented it.

cornbread hell said...

all of your Questions will be answered in future posts. most of which is already written.(that's why i called a teaser, silly.)

as for your complimentary statements...thanks.

Susie said...

You are amazing to me.

cornbread hell said...

thanks, susie. and just for that, the next post is for you. it's all about one of your favorite things...process.

Barby said...

im speechless by your talent....... amazing stuff♠