Thursday, May 15, 2008

random ramblings...

why? because i have access to a computer this week. so there.

i like books, and book stores and libraries. i like old church architecture and stone carving... so i guess it's no wonder this magnificent, 800 year old church-cum-bookstore makes me really want to be there. (would someone please wipe the drool off my chin?)

you can read about it and see more pictures of this ethereal place here. check-it-out.

and for a few more miscellaneous musings...

...speaking of books,

a new favorite one of mine is the history of love by nicole krauss. i give it an 8.7 on a scale 10. (so far i've only awarded one score over 9, but i'm still on the prowl.) you can read a boatload of it here, but you really ought to just go get it at the library. or go to that bookstore in the netherlands pictured above.

now i'm reading anne lamott's bird by bird. my sister gave it to me for my birthday. actually, i'm re-reading it. i'll give it an 8.4 for now.

speaking of words...

i've asked the following question many times of many people and never received an adequate answer. once i even emailed the question in to a radio show that tried to answer all questions. once a cousin of mine gave me a near-reasonable surmise. (something about how the europeans say something or other, i don't quite remember.)

so here's the question: when people today say, "i peed my pants" or "i graduated college",


if i pooped in my pants, i'd say, "i pooped IN my pants." (well, i probably wouldn't really say anything.)
if i graduated from college, i would say, "i graduated FROM college." (i haven't, by the way.)

come to think of it, maybe it's something you learn in college?

anybody got a theory?

and while we're at it, there's something else i need to get off my chest. you know that grammar rule about I before E except after C?

well, i say it's a lousy *rule.*

let's say we ignore the many english words where the digraph EI is pronounced as an I or an A, and all the foreign words we've co-opted with an EI. let's say we just stick to the long E sound...

leisure. (if you say laysure i apologize, but i may not want to talk to you.)
neither/either. (see above comment.)

and...species? WTF?

i rest my case. it's a poorly stated rule.
but if you wanna argue otherwise, bring it on.


maybe it's better that i don't always have ready access to a computer, huh? but if you're listening, fairy godmother, i sure would like to have one. and a scanner, too.


Annie said...

We've already had the preposition question, so I won't go there, but I have another preposition question for you. Do you say, "I'm going to the store, do you want to go with?" Do you include the with, or is that a Minnesota thing? I've been told it is a MN thing. My theory on that is it is a literal translation from the German: Kommst du mit? since so many Minnesotans have German ancestry.

cornbread hell said...

oh, you silly germans.
i might say, "do you want to go?" or, "" but then i'm not german.

thanks for the heads-up on the typo. (yes, i had AFTER, not BEFORE.) pretty fffunny.

maybe that'll teach me not to go on a rant? nah.