Monday, May 26, 2008

the guy has no clue... sense of right & wrong.

"'On this Memorial Day, I stand before you as the commander in chief and try to tell you how proud I am,' he told an audience of thousands of people, including military figures, veterans and their families."

"The Democratic-led Senate on Thursday passed a measure attached to the war funding bill to increase benefits for veterans, despite Bush administration's threat to veto it."

it boggles my mind. and it pisses me off.

he's a disgrace to all veterans. to all americans. to all of humankind.


he needs to keep his fucking mouth shut. i believe that would show more respect.

Amanda Doster, whose husband U.S. Army Sergeant First Class James Doster was killed in combat in Iraq in September 2007, holds their daughter Grace Doster during Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, May 26, 2008.

we need to take care to listen to the generals and enlisted men, not the politicians.
we should have the sense to listen to the ones we purport to honor on memorial day. (#6 is particularly relevant on this day.)

are we all hypocrites?

this guy, a 2-star general... may well be an apologist for the administration's, *our*, policies and actions. he may well still be in denial in many ways, but if you read between the lines he's at least trying to tell it like it really is.

Lieutenant General Ricardo S. Sanchez is a retired United States Army general who served as the commander of coalition forces in Iraq from June 2003 to June 2004.

if the video doesn't play, please go here and listen to the guy. really.

end of rant.

happy Memorial Day, y'all.


rilera said...

I agree on all counts. How can this administration threaten to veto a bill that would increase benefits for the military personnel who are fighting his joke of a war? Don't get me started.

~Betsy said...

The bill is loaded with extra crap that has nothing to do with military spending.

As the mother of a daughter married to a US Marine, I would love to see more benefits headed their way. My son-in-law is an Iraq veteran.

From everything I have read, the bill is chock full of little pet projects that have nothing to do with the military. It gets people pissed off because it is presented as a military benefit bill to the public. This tactic is used by both parties. It's one of the things I hate most about our government.

rainbowheart said...

I agree with you 100% Rick. Sometimes the politicans just to shut up...especially the ones that are running this country. Take care...and thanks for the post.

cornbread hell said...

betsy- duh. pork barrel add-ons to appropriation bills...but how many vetoes has this administration threatened and what are they generally aimed at?
i can only recall a few: like this one a few months ago

and the veto to ensure the cia could still use water-boarding and other torture techniques? congress was just trying to limit illegal and immoral actions...

and Don't get me started on the veto of the bill to lift funding restrictions of stem cell research! or his threatened veto of the pro-union employee free choice act.

but his (bush's) general ideologies weren't the focus of this post. the real point was intended as a rant against this administration's *support* of our military while putting it in harm's way Unnecessarily...the repeated (and last minute)redeployments...the last minute extensions of soldiers' service times...the disgraceful denial of medical and psychological treatment for servicemen and -women...even suing 1000s of discharged wounded soldiers for repayment of sign up bonuses???? !!!!!

you know i could on and on, but aren't you glad i won't?

and aren't you glad i *only* ranted but just a little in the original post? because i Could go on and on...

betsy, as the proud son of a marine and an unapologetic supporter of our troups i steadfastly denounce a presidential veto of this legislation.

cornbread hell said...

rilera, rainbowheart -
preachin' to the choir, but thanks. :)

and don't forget to vote in november...

~Betsy said...

Do I agree with soldiers having to pay back portions of their re-up bonuses if they are injured? No. But it is disclosed to them when they sign their contract. I think it's a stupid policy, but I also get annoyed with these guys who act like it's a big surprise. The policy needs to be changed, I agree.

I'd like to see what happens IF the powers-that-be can come up with a straightforward, no pork Bill in support of our military. No bull shit, no crap - just straight up support. I dare Bush to veto it. In fact, I double dare him.

cornbread hell said...

btw, betsy...go penguins!!! great game last night.

Katmir said...

he'll be out of office soon.... that's all that i can respond to... but how long will it take to repair the damage that's already been done?! if life isn't worrisome enough..... we here in ohio can't even get an attorney general we can trust! go down even further to local goverment-- gawd-- immoral, corrupt, out for themselves. we've lost control!! and yeah, i've allowed it in my own lil way cuz i backed off to take care of things more important to me for a few years.... see what happens when we back off something? i'm at fault-- yet i complain- loudly. time to get back in the game and be responsible for better choices. nice reminder. i'm so pissed at myself, but i'll step it up.

cornbread hell said...

katmir, i doubt the damage will ever be completely undone. and life goes on...

who are you?

Katmir said...

whoa-- sorry! i did sorta pop in outta nowhere...

found you via friends blogs on alz forum... i was caregiver to my dad during his last years with the disease (he passed 3/10/08).