Monday, May 19, 2008

you silly rebus, you



aren't you glad i didn't use this one?

awww...did that give it away?


in other news, it was 99 degrees here today. 25% humidity. and it felt like it.

and mom made me feel...well...proud of her today.

when i was taking her to bible study this afternoon there was a new alzheimer's resident who was balking at going. "but i'm catholic," she said.

i said, "oh, come on. you'll enjoy it. i'm an atheist and i don't think it's so bad."

i thought the lady was gonna faint.

mom just smiled and said to her, "but don't we all read the same bible?"
and the lady said, "well, maybe i'll just go for the company..."

and we did.


to paraphrase, "we're all created from the same dust." (from somewhere in the 3rd chapter of genesis, i think.)


Annie said...

I love the new header. Ok, I just noticed it, maybe it isn't new!

This one was easy, but I'm not giving up on the last one.

cornbread hell said...

it is new. but this comment tells me you didn't see the one i had up the last few days? i'm experimenting.

want a hint on the last one?

Annie said...

No, dang, I didn't see the other.

No, I don't want a hint. Does it rhyme with hint? Hahahaha!

rainbowheart said...

You have a cool blogsite...and some great post.

rainbowheart said...

I think that I solved it...

Cinnamin said...

I think I got this one too...But I could be wrong!

Anonymous said...

oops...posted this on the stamp blog...sorry.

ROTD - Lick-N-Sniff? hahahaha
Great pic of YOU! ~grin~

Another enjoyable Mom story.
Gentle hug.

cornbread hell said...

thanks, 'not so anonymous.'

let me know how you're doing?