Friday, January 4, 2008

less is more

i love it. in spite of myself, that non-post broke this silly blog's all time record for hits and comments. holy moses. go figger.
in the meantime so much has happened i have no idea where to start. heck, i can't even remember where or when i left off. maybe i should just begin with today and work backwards and then see what comes out.

t'day i checked my email for the 1st time in a while. lo and behold, i found 3 from the lovely josephine. apparently she lurked through the blog and found one she'd missed and then sent me a couple of cool youtube music videos she knew i'd like.

here ya go. check this one out. (john prine and iris demment singin' *in spite of ourselves*...

(psst. did i say thank you for all the comments and encouragement while i've been on hiatus? no?
well that won't do..."thanks friends.")
maybe i'll include the other video the most beautiful josephine sent me after i try to sketch out the last few days. then again, you know me...maybe i won't.

- last sunday my daughter, the forementioned, most premium and lovely josephine, and i, bid adieu to dallas and hit the road.

- we've been 6 days so far in austin, texas. my brother and his family live here. my sister, reen, too. she lives in the little house out behind theirs.

- new years eve day i went downtown with brother luke and his wife and kiddo to a really fun festival. (i'd bore you with a boatload of pictures, but this is tough. it takes me long enough to figure that stuff out on my own dang computer.) so anyway, my favorite thing was the web all us thousands of people wove from multicolored yarns and then added our hopes and dreams to on little 3x5 cards attached to our own individual strands. my wish simply read, "reen is healed."
if the photo posted, realize you're only seeing a fourth or less of it. it was truly awesome.

- there was street art in the making -- bein' made by us attendees. there were old lady dance teams and younger than i am acting troups. there was lots of live music. at one point we stopped to listen and before i recognized the song in their kid-friendly show, i recognized the faces of the musicians! it was none other than... the Asylum Street Spankers! i'd never seen 'em live before. i felt lucky to be in that place and time. (check out the song on OTIS' page to hear the asylum's kid-friendly booger song....)

- i only made a fool of myself once on new years eve. (well, i think it was only once.)

- at some point my sister, lynn anne the magnificent, showed up. and then the incomparably beautiful josephine's boyfriend arrived with his dog clementine in tow.

- mumblecrust started writin' again. he may post some of it on the mosaicist's blog. it's all hand written though. pen and paper, ya know. no secretary. no dictaphone or typin' skills either. but i'll tell ya one thing right now; it's good stuff. i read it.

-seems we had a family meltdown at some point in there. no details t' share with you other than t' say, "if all else fails, try yer best t' Understand one another. and don't never, ever be too shy or too ig-nernt to NOT offer *doghouse roses.*

-as the john prine song at the beginning of this says, "in spite of ouselves...against all odds... we're the big door prize."

- i think it was yesterday that i took my sisters to see the dr. seuss exhibit at a local gallery i really like. {it's a little known fact: one of my favorite things about austin, tx is that permanent exhibit at *art on 5th*. [my other favorites are my family (family rocks), the gagillion hole-in-the-wall restaurants, my brother's cooking, and triple elipses.]} anyway, did you know that theodore geisel, aka dr. seuss, had a whole private collection of drawings, paintings and SCULPTURES of the fantastic imaginary world we all know from his books? well here's another hollow promise directly from me to you; one o' these days i'll blog about it. maay-be...

- today was spent watching the sun rise, coffee drinking/crossword solving, 4 hours in the hospital with the 2 greatest sisters in the world for reen's *minor procedure*, more shopping than i've prob'ly done in a lifetime, with those same 2 people...and it's all been more than worth it.

-i'll head back to big d pretty soon i suppose. i'd much rather just stay here, though.

oh &, what was that other video the lovely jtb sent me? (you thought i forgot, didn't you?)


wendy said...

My fave John Prine in return for that one! Welcome back, Rick.

Annie said...

Maybe it wasn't "in spite" of yourself, but rather "because of" yourself.

Happy to see your post. That web looks astounding, would love to see more photos when you get back.

*(·¸*Chris*¸·)* said...

Well! *hands on hips* It's about damn time you showed back up.

Loved the songs. The John Prine was priceless.

Sounds like you have had very busy days. And yes, what a cool web. I like the idea of leaving wishes in it.

Happy new year kiddo. Seriously, glad you are back.

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Woo Hoo!!! Rick's back!!! Great song...had me tappin' my foot. LOL Sounds like you're having a great time with all the shopping and visiting and eating. The web is fabulous and what a great idea to place wish cards on it. They did post-it note confetti wishes at Times Square in New York on New Year's Eve. I thought that was such a great idea. I wish you and your family a very happy, joyful, peaceful, and healthy New Year. Soooooooooo glad you're posting. Can't wait til you get back. ((HUGS))

cornbread hell said...

wendy - you can choose a favorite john prine song?!! not me. (i'll check your blog later, but not before i have the time to give it its due. i'm lookin' forward to seeing what music you've highlighted.)

annie - the web WAS astounding. i admit to thinking of you as i gazed at it.
i even thought of sneaking back at midnight and snipping it off at the edges, folding it all up and sending it to you. i did go back the next day, but it was gone. lots of pretty yarn...

chris - Well! *hands on hips*
it's comments like yours that brought me back. i just read your most recent post (the one about clearing out the house) and was awed and humbled all at once.
i hope you're doing well.

joanne - you spoil me. thanks. i'm off now to see what you've been up to this past week. i hope all's well with you and yours.

rilera said...

Welcome back Rick. I missed your posts.

Linda G said...

So glad you're back, Rick. By now you must have figured out that you were missed.

And the web was amazing.

Barby said...

john prine and iris demment singin' *in spite of ourselves*...

i lovedddddddddddddd ittttttttttttttttt thx for sharing!~~ cant wait to see more web pics!

p.s GLADDDD *with 4 d's **** that your back!

and mubmble crust is back too???? omgoshhhhhhhhhhhhh im tap dancing for joy