Wednesday, January 16, 2008

define irony.

of course mom's unable to understand why the elevators are keyed ("i should know that code by now." yeah, riiight...), why she needs an escort to go anywhere, and doesn't remember her dining room is not still downstairs (she's been going to this one 3 times a day for meals and at least once more for some activity or another for 6 months). she has no idea how to get to any of the places we go to downstairs several times a week. she can get lost just thinking about leaving her room, but she still can't get over how dumb it was to have been talked out of having a car. when i came home from austin last week she got a little perturbed, saying, "i'd like to go to austin. if i had my car i'd just drive myself."

now, that's a SCARY thought...

we were sitting on the couch in the 4th floor lobby the other day when Oleta wandered by again. up and down the hallway she walks, always carrying her baby doll close to her chest, often carrying a few random objects she's pilferred on her never ending trek.
i think she's cute. mom thinks she's weird. the truth is she just has alzheimer's.

anyway, Oleta came over and stood behind the couch. we turned to look at her, saying hello. she started speaking unintelligbly, but with apparent purpose. it sounded like she was sharing something important, secret, almost wise - but only in tone. the words weren't exactly gibberish, but they were incoherent and disjointed. mom and i looked at each other bewildered. Oleta walked away.

a slight smile crossed mom's face and she said, "i'm not so sure she should be wandering around."

i smiled back, "oh, i think she's safe here, but i'm sure glad she doesn't have a car."

mom laughed uproariously and said, "now THAT'S a scary thought!"

p.s. if that's not ironic to you, how 'bout this one:
yesterday was martin luther king's birthday. here at vickery towers the evening program was "a tribute to the king." yep, you guessed was all about that other king. elvis.


Joanne D. Kiggins said...

That is a scary thought, Rick. Mom was pretty angry about her not being able to drive anymore, too. She hadn't mentioned not driving for a very long time. Then, last week when I was bringing her home from day care and she knew I didn't feel well, she said, "Do you want me to drive?" I'm glad she accepted my answer that we were almost home and I'd be fine. LOL

flintysooner said...

I'm glad your mom has you to sit with her on that couch on the 4th floor.

I know it is hard for you but it is worth it for you and her and even Oleta.

Bless you friend.

rilera said...

Yay! Rick's back. You always make me smile. I've been down the 'car' road too. It is a scary thought.

~Betsy said...

My mom constantly asked about her car - where is it? Who is driving it? Does your brother have it? Sigh. I was glad when she got past that stage.

Glad to see you back!

Cinnamin said...

"you guessed was all about that other king. elvis."

Smiling over here, Rick! After all, it was Elvis' Birthday...January 8th! :-)

We went through the driving and car thing too. Over and over, many, many, many times - So frustrating! I'll tell you what, at the end of THOSE days, I almost wished that she COULD drive again, she was making me a crazy person!

I too am glad that your Mom has you to sit with on that couch on the 4th floor! Enjoy her, laugh with her...And love her...Always!

*(·¸*Chris*¸·)* said...

My dad, fully knowing my mom wasn't going to be able to walk out to the car, would leave the keys in the ignition just so he could tell her that she could take the car out while he was gone. Mom was in a wheelchair but still thought she could drive. It just did her good to "know" she could "go" if she wanted to.