Thursday, July 19, 2007

not a harry potter spoiler.

what do
a comic, an ex punk rocker, an ex baptist minister and a female activist have in common?

well, for one thing, they all have balls. [or cojonas, if that were a word, and it should be.]
i hope you'll take a few minutes to watch the videos.

congress is a hoard of pussies [or cowardly assholes if you prefer]. and a horde of pussies, too.
end of rant.


Orange said...

Hey! What's this glorification of testicles at the expense of female parts? Think about it. What do balls do? They dangle. They dangle with great vulnerability. They shrivel when it's cold.

What do pussies do? They can manage to squeeze out entire human beings!

Pussies win. Balls are wimpy.

cornbread hell said...


let's see, how about, "...they all exhibit the vaginal fortitude of a woman giving birth." no, that's no good.
or how 'bout, "congress is acting like a shriveled scrotum. let's hope it warms up soon."

i don't know, orange. i'm open for suggestions.

Orange said...

Well, guts are unisex.

And there's a slew of gender-neutral pejorative terms that may be applied to politicians as circumstances dictate.

cornbread hell said...

all right all ready...i still like sayin cindy sheehan has balls and congress is a bunch of pussies.

*somebody* laughed.

you be p.c. and i'll be an asshole.
(how's that for gender neutral?)

cornbread hell said...

orange, i may be an asshole, but after pondering the thought of bein a sexist asshole i decided to edit it. well, sorta.

check this out:
(keep scrolling down. i found it funny. and apropos.)

Orange said...