Saturday, July 21, 2007

i enjoy irony. a lot.

with all the hubbub surrounding the new harry potter book, even my mom was asking about it.


a.) i took her one of the books today.
no matter that she'd already tried to read the exact same book about a year ago... she doesn't remember that, but she feels somewhat connected to the outside world with it in her possession, i think.

b.) i took her to see a potter movie tonight!
MS. POTTER is about beatrix potter, not harry.

c.) we laughed about the irony.

d.) here are a couple of pics for your amusement:

beatrix potter's peter rabbit with his carrot stick wands...

and daniel radcliffe (aka, harry potter) in the play, equus, with his "wand."


Kaytie M. Lee said...

I'm amused you included that picture.

The Beatrix Potter one, I mean.

cornbread hell said...

phew! finally a comment on that. thanks. even though i know i should ashamed...

i think i embarrassed my daughter so much, she left her comment about it on another post. (it basically said, "eewwww.")