Monday, July 23, 2007

let's see...who can i offend now?

sometimes a little adolescent humor just seems in order.
hey, it could be worse. i could whine some more about stuff, or brag about my kids, or lay more progressive political opinions on you, or ask you to read depressing crap like this.
or this.

or maybe i could become an axe murderer...
nah. that's a bad idea.


cornbread hell said...

don't worry, you loser. you're not offending anyone. no one reads your obnoxious drivel but me.

josephine terese said...

but if you became an axe murderer you could be in a movie and be mike myers.

cornbread hell said...

ok. i'll be an axe murderer if it'll get me the movies.
no wait. no i won't. besides myers wasn't the murderer, was he?
nice try. you just want me to get in trouble you dirty pirate hooker.