Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Got an email from the daughter today.

today in history
Body: 1920: US Postal Service rules children may not be sent via parcel post

I laughed out loud. did you?

then, i decided to google ‘parcel post’ because, well... because i’m a n3rd.

This here’s what wikipedia has to say about it:

“Mailing human beings has been forbidden by regulation since 1914. This was done following the delivery of at least three people, including a two year old boy mailed from Oklahoma to Kansas for 18 cents.

oh those okies. ahahahahahaha
i laughed heartily at that. (personally i want to know who the dirtwads were who mailed the kids and where the fuck they were sent. did they make it there ok? inquiring minds want to know!)

THEN… i got an email from the son.
(he works at the Ralph W. Steen Library at Stephen F. Austin State University as a “digital projects specialist.” )
more about that here, if you give a shit: way cool web site - Texas Tides

Anyway...the aforementioned daughter worked in the son’s office last semester and she was recruited to *star* in this video.

ain’t she classy?!

yeah, right, I was gonna tell you about the email i got from the son?…ok. i'm on it.

it was a link to another video. i assume it was a sound check for the above video. (the son is the laughing guy in the background.)
here it is.

at this point, i laughed my ass off.
(and i STILL can’t find my ass.)

lllllater, kiddos.

p.s. life can suck all it wants to, but it'll never suck the pleasure out of a parent's love for their children. amen.


As in? "what in the cornbread hell were you thinkin‘, Cletus? you cain’t blame everthang on the mercury! yer absolutely stercoraceous."

(presumably it’s an underused, albeit legitimate word and not a-tall synonymous with CRAPULOUS )


shanebarby said...

p.s. life can suck all it wants to, but it'll never suck the pleasure out of a parent's love for their children. amen.

and then they said AMENNNNNNNNN
i like that,,,,,,, was that mumblecrust?
cwusttttttttttttttttttttt lol
inside joke.....(my son used to not like to eat anything with a CWust on it.....

lol anyways.....
Jo rawks in that video . and she gave me a cute craft project for the holidays with the lil kids to decorate windows....
cheesy? nawwwwwww i likedededed it!! i love her glasses i have the same kind!
given to gross intemperance in eating or drinking,,,,, crapulous..... ud thunk it was a synonym
damn didnt i learn anything in all my 13 yrs of catholic school?????

shanebarby said...

ps. yea rick ur kids r cool!!!!!!!!!!!

cornbread said...


re: CWust. there's no greater joy than bein able to cut off the cwust for your kid.

:: gina :: said...

what the crap!!!