Wednesday, June 20, 2007

not just another SiLLY blog post

from a british web site: Iraq Body Count
and here's the count, according to them, for just ONE WEEK in 2007.
i double dog dickin' dare ya to read that one.

the following disturbing numbers are confirmed:
as of today, june 20th, in the year of our lord, MMVII...

  • u.s military deaths (iraq).........3,531
  • u.s. military wounded (iraq)...25,950
  • iraqi civilian deaths (min)......65,828
  • *excess* iraqi deaths.........655,000

HUH!? sheeut. gimme a break. that last one’s just gotta be a bogus number.
Doesn’t it?
(even if you didn’t click on or read any of the links above, i beg you to read this one. and ponder it.)

AHA! See there? it IS bogus. Those numbers are 8 freakin’ months old!
and furthermore, what's this bull-shit about iracky physicals and a bunch of goddam lib'ral, anti-merikin epiduralists? i've just about had it with all them camel humpers and i've sure as hell had it up to here with them bloomin' collige edjeecated jewboys.

"This is about 500 unexpected violent deaths per day throughout the country. The survey was done by Iraqi physicians and overseen by epidemiologists at Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health."

i repeat. 500 PER DAY. civilians. 500
human beans every. fucking. day.

sorry if that brings you down, but i believe we are all responsible.
And while you’re mulling the meaning of that last statement…do you know about this?

makes ya proud, don't it.

remember all that *reconstruction* we were gonna do after shock and awe?

is that what you thought all those *contractors* were bein' paid billions of $$ for? a private army?
well you're not to feel alone. our way of rebuilding the infrastructure we've destroyed is apparently to build a $592 million, 104 acre (!) american embassy in baghdad.
after shock, indeed.
we all done been duped, suckas.

p.s. i didn't mean to stick that video in twice, but i'm not real computer savvy, ya know? hey, what the fuck. go ahead and watch it again. (and if the video doesn't work, please go here:


chill, rick. what in the cornbread hell brought that rant on?

well, for one thing, i haven’t had my crossword fix for the day and for 2, i made the mistake of havin' the tv on earlier and i saw this guy--------->

(he was pontificating about his moral reason for vetoing the stem cell research bill.

and i swear to god, the asswipe actually said something to this effect:
"...taking human life to save human life is immoral..."
it just doesn't get more ironic than that, does it?)

…and for 3, sometimes, well, sometimes i have bad dreams about the just gives me the friggin' willies.

i’ll try to get back to bein’ silly, soon. i promise. really.
Peace y‘all,


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Orange said...

Earlier today I read a Chicago Trib article about anti-war veterans getting in trouble with the military for protesting in their uniforms. An excerpt:

Take, for example, DOD Directive 7050.6. It expressly provides the right of service members to complain and to request redress of their grievances, including to members of Congress. In recent months some 2,000 active-duty and reserve troops have used the protection of that directive to sign "An Appeal for Redress," an initiative that sends troops' demand for an end of the war directly to Congress.

The wording of the appeal is intended to be patriotic and respectful while unequivocally anti-war: It begins, "As a patriotic American proud to serve the nation in uniform …" It ends, "Staying in Iraq will not work and is not worth the price. It is time for U.S. troops to come home."

Of the three Marines caught protesting in uniform, the case of former Cpl. Cloy Richards has garnered the least public attention—but the most within military circles. The 23-year-old from Missouri has been deemed 80 percent disabled from two tours in Iraq; he agreed this month before a military discharge review board that he would no longer protest in uniform in order to keep his honorable discharge and his veterans benefits that come to some $1,300 per month.

But that hasn't silenced Richards' protest. He now attends anti-war demonstrations in civilian clothes; his mother attends as well, wearing his old uniform for him.

I can definitely support our troops. They want the U.S. to leave Iraq? Hey, me too!

I appreciate the perspective the numbers offer. Yes, 3,000+ U.S. servicemen and -women is too many. Yes, the Virginia Tech massacre was awful. But the people of Iraq have suffered enormous losses. Is there anyone in Baghdad who doesn't have posttraumatic stress disorder? Is there a word for it when it's not posttraumatic because the trauma is continuous?

cornbread said...

thanks for the comment and the link.

Is there a word for it when it's not posttraumatic because the trauma is continuous?

not sure if a there's a single word for it, but the phrase "living in hell" comes to mind.