Friday, December 19, 2008

lost and found

found in the gutter on my midnight stroll.

left to right:

british coins*,
1- 1 pence
2- 2 pence
4- 5 pence
1- 10 pence
1- 20 pence

spanish euro coins,
1- 5 cent
1- 10 cent**

u.s. coins,
2- 1 cent

all are roughed up and scarred from being run over in the street. i wonder why and how long they might have been where i found them. i imagine some crazed spanish vagabond tossing them out the window of a fast moving vehicle and laughing maniacally. 

*- those english sure are proud of elizabethII. her profile is on all of them.

**- my favorite. it has a picture of the enigmatic cervantes on the obverse, national side.


rilera said...

Really? Those coins were found in the gutter on a stroll in TX? I see a two pence and other unfamiliar coins. I would expect to see US coins or even Mexican coins but not European coins. Interesting. I didn't realize you lived in such a cosmopolitan place.

Lily said...

hehehe - it was I, the phantom filthy lucre flinger! 55p eh? I could buy a 100g of jelly beans with that.

rilera said...

Lily, I think it must have been you flinging those coins. When do you find the time to travel to TX?

Annie said...

Your configuration looks like something Mom would do.

rainbowheart said...

nice find...

Lily said...

Rilera, I just close my eyes very tight and scrunch my face up and whoosh! there I am! The trouble is, I also change into a chubby little japanese chap. Bit annoying, that.

dmarks said...

Were they arrayed in that geometric pattern? It might be the gutter version of crop circles, after all.

Lily: I'm sure we will see Lucrefinger in a future 007 movie.

DONALD said...

Happy New Year!

Stitchwhiz said...

Happy New Year, Cornbread :-) it's funny to address you as such, Rick. But I thought you might get a kick out of a cornbread discussion going around on the Voodoo Cafe. Check out Ricë's post for a very (typical of her) funny story:

Cheers! Mary

cornbread hell said...

same to you, donald.

mary - that's some good reading. thanks!