Thursday, December 11, 2008

cleaning out the camera

this is a view out my bedroom window. later that same evening i went out for a stroll (without the camera) and saw jupiter and venus very near that same crescent moon. it was a very cool thing to witness.

for a view of some of the other things i found on my walks last week...

i live a couple of blocks from a hopping night-life district. the bills and jewelry were found in the early morning hours. the bracelet (anklet?) was broken into many pieces and lying in the street near the single ear ring. i wonder what happened? a drunken lover's quarrel, perhaps?

the bills i imagine falling out of pockets while inebriated fools fish for car keys.

i found this interesting little goodie on my way to mom's the other day. it's plastic and slightly padded. there are 4 metallic contact points on the front.

this is the back of the cowboy hat. that's like a tiny speaker in the center and 4 tiny electrical contacts(?) at bottom left.

any idea what it used to say? or sing?

yes, i know... it's an odd thing that i do, but i almost never come home empty handed. it's usually less interesting stuff than last week's bumper crop of a haul (at least to most people), and rarely as lucrative. ($6.07 woot!)


Lily said...

You've just reminded me - I picked up a blue button outside work today that MAY be the missing button from my blue cardigan. Must check.

cornbread hell said...

i do hope it is your missing button.

or just maybe it's the missing evidence of some unsolved, heinous crime committed in the vicinity of your workplace?

you MUST contact the authorities at once, ms. lily!

Annie said...

Nice view! The little red heart reminds me to the "te amo" one you found in Austin. Is that a Tx thing?

You have sharp eyes.

I've been meaning to ask if the number in the green box to the left on your front page has a meaning to you? That number was my dorm room number in Germany.

cornbread hell said...

annie, i thought of that other heart when i found this one. if it's a tx thing i have no idea why. (don't y'all have tiny, puffy, discarded, felt hearts lying all about in mn?)

yes, that # has deep meaning to me.[not]
i think it has something to do with the blog's generic layout template.

Annie said...

Yeah, I thought that might be the case (part of the generic layout), but was just curious.
I have never seen a single puffy discarded felt heart here.
I was also thinking what you two might find if you went for a walk with my Mom.

rilera said...

I was lucky enough to see the crescent moon, Jupiter and Venus aligned so closely in the sky. It was a beautiful sight.

Anonymous said...

me too, rilera, and i agree about the beauty of the sight.

ch, when i saw that hat and read your script i slowly said, "very interesting" with chin propped on closed left hand but pointer finger tapping side of face...(rest)...and right hand resting atop my head but fingers gently scratching to a different...(rest)...beat than that of the left.

then...the lightbulb went on, the one i forgot to mention floating abovetherighthandrestingatopmy headbutfingersgentlyscratchingtoadifferentbeatthanthatoftheleft.

Lily said...

lol, you wouldn't believe the number of heinous crimes contained within my workplace, Corny!

cornbread hell said...

whoa, anonymous. wtf?

J said...

You pulled in quite a haul!
Are you going to spent your loot or stick it into your piggie bank?

Lily said...

Yay! It was my cardigan button!

bulletholes said...

I think my zipper is stuck.

Hey, good shots of the conjunction!
Are you familiar with the Astronomical Picture of the day-"APOD"?
Google of my favorite sure to follow some of the links to get your Junior Astronomer badge.
Hi Cornbread!

rainbowheart said...

I seen the alignment of Venus and Jupiter and the cresent moon. It is wonderful to see this with Haley and Noah (the grandkids). Haley was really excited to see it because she was working on her project on the Solar system. (She made one of the very few that made a 100 on this project.) Thanks for sharing...Have a wonderful holiday season...and a Happy New Year.