Friday, July 10, 2009

free food

speaking of free food, check out the fun we had today...

the news was on at mom's when i was there yesterday or i would never have known about this, but it seems today is cow appreciation day. (that's according to fast food restaurant, chick-fil-a, the guys with the funny *eat more chiken* ads.)
this was the deal: dress up like a cow, head to toe, and receive a free, full meal; just wear a cow hat or whatever and receive a free sandwich.

informed that i could get a free sandwich just for acting up a little, and... well, what do YOU think???

note: the following link to a web album will be replaced with on-site pics when i get to a connection that will allow me to upload to blogger. (my home connection is sooo lame.) in the meantime, check these pictures out.

terri had the most creative idea. she had me cut some holes in an old, white, rally, t-shirt and wore it over a black t-shirt for the "cow look." then she painted a black circle around one eye, painted big red lips on herself, put her hair in pig tails for "cow ears" and voila!

i'm pretty sure chick-fil-a should hire her for their next ad campaign.
(she had another really funny idea, but i'm not allowed to talk about it... and i deleted those pics, anyway.)

me, i strung an old cow skull i happened to have lying around and wore it as a necklace.

and awol?...he just went as himself, of course. (black spots on white dog = fake cow in my book.)

now you may be asking yourself, "did they buy that shit?"

they sure did = 3 free sandwiches and a whole lotta fun.
hahahahahahahaha, i bet you thought we'd get 2 sandwiches at best.

(so did we.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rick, for turning me on to the cow look and free stuff. I never even got hungry once while sailing tonight! You are the best friend a COWgirl could ever have!

Snooty Primadona said...

Wow, our Chik-Fil-A never does fun stuff like that! But, if they ever do, I definitely have a cow skull like yours I can donn. And, I'm glad they gave Awol a sandwich to hump, lol. Kept him away from your sandwich, yes?

dmarks said...

I am not anxious to try Chick Fila. I hear they only serve white meat, which I find almost always to be too dry. Not preferred.

rilera said...

We have a Chick-Fil-A here in the great white north and I enjoy their food.

I'm glad Awol was able to participate in this event :)

cornbread hell said...

yeah, rilera, i'd never eaten there before, but it was really good. i don't know, but that last comment seemed sorta...killjoyish (to put it politely.)

snooty - i was under the impression it's an annual and franchise-wide event. but then, it is midland. and awol says to mind your own business. lol.

anon - moooo.

Anonymous said...

I concur with Awol. Just the thought of a tender juicy all white breast Chick Fila sandwich gets me excited!

Annie said...

So in a few months are there going to be little Awol sandwiches running around? (Take that also as a hint to show an update on his progeny.) I hadn't even seen your post(or your link's) when I named mine today. Funny.

rainbowheart said...

I would have paid good money to see that. I bet that you had a blast. There is nothing like free food tho. My grandson, Noah loves Chick-fil-A. Nuggets, of course with Chocolate Milk. What a combination huh?

cornbread hell said...

annie, i hope not. those little baby sandwiches wouldn't last long around here.
awol acts real weird around the pups so he doesn't see them too often. he hides. wtf?

rainbow, noah has good taste!

seanlb said...

most of my day is spent trying to figure out ways to get free food. honestly.

Anonymous said...

okay, that's it!
cannot stand to think of a child going hungry.
to where do we mail food for sean?

cornbread hell said...

don't be stupid. he's a 25 year old man. and doing damn well taking care of himself. on his own terms. in his own way. he's in new zealand. he has credentials for god's sake. he has a college degree, experience and skills galore. he's not a worry. he's awesome.

i think he's making it just fine...
as he says, "with what i have, not what i want."

maybe we should be the ones asking him for help

Anonymous said...

hey now, i was being "silly" not stupid. it was yust a yoke. sheesh!