Saturday, April 19, 2008

saving a few more old family photos

it's been a rough day. thank god i have friends as supportive as harold and lara. i hope my kids have friends as true. that's an awful lot to ask...but at least i know they have each other. and that's even better. a true blessing...

peace and love to you and yours, samuel. i will miss you.


lara's been a BIG help, for days on end, salvaging, cleaning, pressing and scanning some keep-sakes. i'm kinda afraid to let her know just how many more hundreds there are to try to deal with.

one day at a time. one charred, waterlogged box at a time.

here are a few more. click to enlarge if you want...

my granny...

dad...can you believe they hand painted lipstick on him in the 2nd one? ahahahaha. (he was already good lookin' enough, don't ya think?)

more of my dad... (the 3rd one looks so much like my son sean it's almost scary.)

this one's pretty ffffunny. the note was written by joe. (my dad, the guy in the pic.)

mom and dad around the time they were first married.
oh, mary anne!!...such a sultry look!

that's all for now.
this last one is of my dad's relative's place in Truly, Texas.

meet the scarboroughs...

"Pain is like a fruit; God doesn’t let it grow on a branch too weak to support it."
(victor hugo, as translated by wendy in an email to me. )

peace, y'all, peace and love, sam.


Annie said...

I'm glad you have friends like that. I'm also glad and relieved to see your family photos surfacing. Take care.

Linda G said...

Some of us can't be there with you, Rick, but we're with you in spirit.

Sending love from your cyberbud...

~Betsy said...

Awesome pics, Rick! I love old photographs. Thanks for sharing.

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

Wait, I think I missed something. Was there an accident or a fire or something? I'm lost. Whatever has happened, know I am thinking of you hun. Hugs.